Meridian Yoga is happy to bring you some of D.C's best, certified yoga instructors including yoga teacher training teachers. All our instructors are Yoga Alliance accredited.

Krystal Jordan RYT 200

Krystal's journey into the realm of yoga commenced with her need to surmount the daily challenges of a stressful professional career. She discovered Yoga in 2004 as a resort to provide her the calm and grounding she needed to face the dualities in a competitive world. Instantaneously Krystal recognized that the benefits of yoga measured far and beyond mere physical fitness and wellness that she was accustomed to hearing about. Transcending from the body to the mind, from the physical to the emotional, Yoga opened the doors to limitless self-discovery. Emotional stability, inner strength, groundedness & the ability to endure were the positive changes she experienced in her spiritual journey. It enhanced her personal and professional relationships. The nectar was far too valuable to be consumed alone. She decided she would share her bounty and pass the knowledge on to others. And with that began a beautiful journey into the world of Vinyasa which was marked by her certification as a teacher in early 2011. With strong communication skills and creative thinking, Krystal integrates yogic philosophy into her teaching of physical asanas, introducing innovative modifications and use of prop as per the practitioners needs.

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